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Our Rapid Environmental Assessment Vessels have been developed without compromise on precision, integrity or resilience to commercial life in service.


A range of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) underpinned by validated requirements and verified through extensive on-water testing.

REAV-10 | Man-portable USV for Contingency Surveys
Our nano Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), the REAV-10 is optimised for autonomous survey operations at reservoirs, lakes, estuaries and rivers – where its small and lightweight form factor enables it to be easily transported between worksites in small vehicles without the need for assembly or disassembly. It may be comfortably launched and recovered by a single person. Sharing the same state-of-the-art platform control system as our larger USVs with dynamic positioning, REAV-10 is available in two propulsion configurations – two steerable electric thrusters, or a four-thruster system using vectored thrust for exceptional manoeuvrability. Both options are tolerant to a single thruster or steering failure without immobilising the platform. REAV-10 offers great-value autonomy, priced equivalently to manually remote operated survey boats.
REAV-16 | Inland & Nearshore Workhorse USV
REAV-16 was developed with the aim of being a platform of choice for autonomous survey operations on inland waterways and at nearshore coastal sites – necessitating a highly portable vehicle, capable of carrying larger sensors and small arrays. This USV may be easily launched and recovered with a two-man survey team, and is well suited to survey campaigns in environmentally sensitive areas where the very quiet propulsion system eliminates disturbance. REAV-16 is also ideal for operations in shallow water, hazardous or spatially constrained areas – including close to channel edges or submerged obstructions. The rotationally moulded hulls are robust and resilient for commercial life in service.
REAV-40 | Coastal / Littoral Zone Hydrographic USV
Our coastal Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), the REAV-40 is an ultralight platform developed for autonomous survey operations within inshore / littoral areas, or further offshore when deployed from a Support Vessel as a force-multiplier. REAV-40 is trailer portable for ease of road transportation and launch and recovery in remote locations such as slipways, beaches and foreshores with just a two-man survey team.
CUSTOM DESIGN | Specialist support for customer projects
HydroSurv™ recognise that the individual needs of our customer’s projects are diverse, but they share a need to be able to turn ideas into reality quickly and economically, without compromise on the reliability or integrity of the solution. As a company, HydroSurv™ invests heavily in Research & Development and our skills, experience and resources are available to support customer’s own unique projects through a range of engineering design services to help them succeed.
TRAINING | Expert tuition in applied use of USVs
Knowledge of Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) systems is no guarantee of improvement in survey productivity or efficiency, but experience with USVs will significantly improve the odds of a successful outcome. At HydroSurv™, we’ve invested tirelessly in on-water validation of our platforms and our operations to leverage the unique capabilities of a USV platform; and now we’ve developed a series of familiarisation training courses and operator qualifications to provide outmatched knowledge transfer to our customers.
Advanced Data Processing, Analytics & Reporting

Highly-accurate, stable data processing, change detection analysis, advanced modelling and reporting

Data Processing
Our hydrographic surveyors apply the same level of care and attention to detail when processing the survey data as when it was acquired. Sensor data goes through a quality control procedure where offsets are checked, tides and sound velocity profiles are applied, and position data is post processed. Point clouds are used to visualise and edit the bathymetry data, which can then be cleaned using several manual or automatic tools.
Data Analytics
Data collected during a survey is only useful if it can be interpreted correctly, at HydroSurv™ we can use the software at our disposal to meet the analytic requirements of your project. The creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) with different surfaces, such as mean or minimum depth can be created and used to produce difference models and volume calculations.
Interpretive Reports
Survey reporting provides a clear and comprehensive account of how the survey was carried out and the results achieved. The survey team at HydroSurv™ understands the requirements to produce detailed and concise reports to a high-quality standard, interpreting the analysed data and presenting it in a timely manner.
Data Visualisation
Our data deliverables can be tailored to the requirements of a project, where bespoke data visualisation can include 3D point clouds, Digital Terrain Models, XYZ data and AutoCAD files. Hard copy and PDF charts may be produced where necessary and data can be collated and presented in the form of a GIS database.
HydroSurv™ API
HydroSurv™ is working hard on developing our new proprietary digital infrastructure which connect our USVs to the cloud. Our customers and decentralised staff will soon be able to collaborate on projects from the specification to planning and planning phase, monitor unmanned missions and share processed data deliverables and analytical reports. Please contact us to learn more about how HydroSurv™ API connects to third-party data services, and serves raw data to your own enterprise applications directly.