Bringing automated unmanned survey together with advanced data technology

HydroSurv™ delivers end-to-end hydrographic, geophysical and environmental data acquisition, processing and interpretive reporting

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    Specialists in remote, challenging or hazardous environments
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    REAV-16 | A readily-portable and low-impact automated acquisition vehicle
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    Integrating advanced core technologies to improve productivity, quality and efficiency.
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    REAV-10 | A single-person deployable contingency survey vehicle
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    End-to-end data acquisition, processing and reporting for inland and coastal projects
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    REAV-40 | A zero-emission, remotely-deployable coastal survey vehicle

We believe Unmanned Ingenuity™ can deliver unrivalled customer value

HydroSurv™ provides high-value data acquisition and processing on a priced-activity basis

Full-service Solution
Specification, planning, mobilisation and execution - HydroSurv™ handles the project with care and professionalism
Rapid & Economic
Readily-deployable in remote and challenging locations, or without port and harbour infrastructure. Our Unmanned Ingenuity™ reduces time and distance afloat.
Productivity & Data Yield
We link multiple sensors for synchronous data collection and leverage the precise positioning of our unmanned vehicles.

Our solution: Intelligent vertical integration of technology and services

Hydrographic, geophysical and environmental data deliverables
HydroSurv™ provides the customer with accurate, corrected and stable raw-data, and post-processed survey charts, analytical services and specialist reports on a fixed-price basis.
HydroSurv™ API (Coming soon)
HydroSurv™ API is our proprietary platform where planning, mission reports, survey data and project deliverables can shared and managed in the cloud.
Advanced core technologies
We integrate advanced core technologies into our vehicles which automate acquisition, provide live visualisation and create in-field IP communications.
HydroSurv™ Rapid Environmental Assessment Vessels
Our own range of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) which are economic to buy and operate without compromise of survey performance or integrity.

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